Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Welcome to Summer Camp 2018 I Am Free

Inspire kids to be inspired!  

Camp develops people! I regularly connect with campers/staff who assert that Killarney helped shape who they are today. Their unique experience has given them the freedom to truly be themselves! This summer we are excited to share what it means to be “Free”. Our theme is from a dialogue about identity with Jesus. God asks us to use the freedom He gives as an opportunity to love & serve.  Through faith, Jesus gives us desire, ability, and opportunity to live a life for Him filled with no regrets!

What is CAMP? I believe it’s a community favorable for inspiring supportive relationships & learning. Studies confirm that life skills like communication, decision making, respect, & confidence are significantly greater because of a quality camp. Experiential experiences also support successful engagement in school, church, & play. These valuable fundamental abilities are necessary in our communities & influence our daily interactions.                        
WHY KILLARNEY? We allow a platform for where consideration is individual rather than standardized! Confidence is built when we are able to see the value in our own diverse abilities. Here, “normal” isn't a standard...YOU are! We are also free to showcase that “freedom” is having a relaxed confidence that God is in charge!  When we don’t resist Him, we are liberated. Our Killarney story continues as we offer an encouraging place for youth to grow, care, & live free in Jesus.

After 30 years in camping & education, my passion remains to inspire kids to be inspired!  Our team of devoted leaders have an enthusiasm for supporting your child in a prayerful, safe, organized, & fun  environment. Join us this summer for an extraordinary experience!

by Julie Dostal  

Camp Director

Camp Killarney

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